Shear Blade Grinding

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Shear Blade Grinding & Sharpening

    Sharpening your shear's blade can improve product quality and save considerable amounts of time.  It can pay for itself in a few months easily.  We have been performing this simple service for customers for decades now.  Our large Gray way grinder and Thompson grinder make the process simple, quick, as well as inexpensive.  Most shear blades can be sharpened to new condition in a day or two for between $500-$1000 dollars some of the larger blades can cost up to $2,000 dollars. It all depends on the condition of the blades.  Severe galling can double the time it takes to return the blades to new condition.  It is better to sharpen your blades sooner than later since permanent damage can occur and new blades can sometimes cost more than another shear altogether.  Let us give you a quote to sharpen your Wysong, Pexto, Tennsmith, Niagara, Bliss or Cincinnati Shear and many more today!




     To the left is our 16" x 96" Thompson Hydraulic Surface Grinder great for grinding shear blades to a high tolerance efficiently.


5' x  5' x 20' Gray way grinder