Design & Build: Glass Saw
At the left is pictured the pattern we made for the bed of the glass saw.  In the right front is the bed casting from that pattern.  In the left front are the two goose neck arms cast for the saw.
To the right a goose neck arm is being machined on our horizontal boring mill.
To left is pictured our set-up for aligning the goose neck arms and 2'' diameter connecting shaft with the rolling  table.  The shaft must be perpendicular to the travel in-order for the diamond blade to track properly in its kerf.
At the right is the finished 36'' x 36'' x 5.5'' rolling table diamond blade glass saw with extension tables.  This machine has a travel of over 44''.
At the left is a smaller 30" x 30" machine which was our first design. The 36" x 36" machine has an improved way cover arrangement.
To the right is a finished 30" x 30" glass saw with optional coolant enclosure.
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