Monarch & Other Lathe Rebuilds & CNC Retrofits

At left is pictured an old 32'' x 120'' Monarch NC lathe driven hydraulically and utilizing rack and pinion longitudinal location.



Here the machine is shown inside our building and ready for teardown.


To the left is a view of the backside of the carriage showing it's poor condition and cluttered design.


At the right is pictured the headstock/motor end of the lathe before rebuild.


To the left is a view of the headstock/motor end of the lathe during teardown.



At the right the machine has been entirely disassembled leaving only the bed.


At the left is the lathe bed after sandblasting and prior to spraying polyester filler on the casting.


To the right the lathe bed is being ground on our way grinder.


After painting and way grinding the lathe bed is leveled.  Micarda is bonded to the bottom of the saddle and it is scraped to mate with the ground bed.


At the right the headstock is being rough scraped into the lathe bed.  It will be finished scraped  once the spindle is assembled in the headstock.


To the left the headstock is being assembled.


At right is pictured the completed headstock mounted on the bed and the saddle with re-ground top and hand scraped cross slide.


At the left can be seen the completed tailstock and hydraulic indexing turret mounted on the cross slide.


To the right the apron has been mounted and the  Bijur lubricating system installed.  A ball screw has been mounted with a sheet metal cover and the servo motor attached to the right end of the bed.

At left is a close-up view of the Fagor CNC control and headstock of the complete machine.

To the right is an overall view of the 32'' x 120'' Monarch/ Fagor CNC Lathe complete except for the chip conveyor.

2nd Mannaioni Hydraulic Threading Lathe " Before"

2nd Mannaioni Lathe

CNC Indexing Turret

2nd Mannaioni Lathe

Upper Electrical

Lower Electrical

1st Mannaioni Threading Lathe "Before"

1st Mannaioni Threading Lathe


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