Elb & Niagara Falls Surface Grinder Rebuilds & CNC Retrofits

 To the left is an 8" x 20" Elb hydraulic surface grinder before rebuild.

 To the right is a rear view of the same machine.

To the left the Elb is shown after disassembly has begun.


To the right disassembly of the major components is nearly complete. Most of the electrics and all the hydraulics pictured here will be discarded.


Here the machine has been completely disassembled and stripped down to just the castings.

The castings then go to our paint department where they will be sandblasted to bare metal. They are then restored to new appearance utilizing a two-part epoxy paint system.

To the left is a picture of the machine as it is going back together after way grinding, hand scraping, painting and the machining of mounting hardware for the ball screws in the X, Y & Z axis.
 To the right is a shot of the finished electrical enclosure. Engineering and drawings were provided by Fagor. The only other electrical components are found in the pendant CNC control.

Pictured here is the fabrication of the aluminum enclosure around the work area. It is made from angle and sheet aluminum screwed together.



To the right is pictured the finished enclosure with sliding Plexiglas doors.



  To the left is a high precision 10 to 1 gear reduction drive which attaches directly to the end of the longitudinal ball screw. This enables the machine to perform creep feed grinding used in a slicing operation of  carbide and/or ceramic material with multiple diamond blades.

To the right can be seen  our cast aluminum box which houses the Gilmer pulleys and belt connecting the vertical ball screw and servo motor. Directly above the ball screw adjacent to the servo motor is a bellows cover which keeps dust and coolant off the ball screw as the spindle is raised.
 Rear view of the finished machine with automatic lubrication system.

Front view of the finished machine showing Fagor CNC control.

To the left is a rear photo of a finished Niagara Falls creep feed grinder installed at the customer's facility.

To the right is the Niagara Falls creep feed grinder from the front.

Control for Niagara Falls creep feed grinder.
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