Pictures of King, Cincinnati Hypro VBM Rebuilds

"Went Through A Fire"

62" King "Before"

62" King Right Front

62" King Back

62" King Back Close

62" King Rear Side Head

62" King Front Side Head

62" King Chuck


62" Cincinnati Hypro "Before"

62" Cincinnati Hypro Right Front

62" Cincinnati Hypro Rear

62" Cincinnati Hypro Left Rail Close


62" Cincinnati Hypro Left Rail



At left is a 52'' King vertical boring mill before rebuild.



At right is the King VBM cross rail with two boring rams.



To the left can be seen the boring rams removed from the cross rail and disassembled



At right the gearboxes have been removed from the cross rail.


To the left the chuck has been removed from the machine base and the bridge between the columns is about to be removed.


At right the left column has just been sandblasted to bare metal.



At the left the sandblasted parts have been sprayed with polyester resin to fill the castings, sanded, filled with polyester glazing compound, sanded and primed.  Pieces were then assembled for final paint.


To the right can be seen the finished paint job.  Note that the area under the chuck was cleaned and painted also to prevent flaking from getting into bearings.



To the left a column is being ground on our large way grinder.



At the right a boring ram is being ground on our small way grinder.



To the left the boring ram swivel is being hand scraped using the ground boring ram as a master.



To the right the cross rail is being ground.


The finished ground cross rail is leveled and Micarda is bonded to the mating side of each of the saddles.


At the right a saddle is being scraped to mate with the cross rail.  It must align geometrically with the leadscrew and splined feed shaft.



To the left is the chuck bearing surface.


The picture at the right shows the back of the boring ram swivel after all oil lines and galleys have been blown out and metering units replaced.


At the left is pictured the cross rail with finished scraped saddles.  The face of the saddles must be inclined backwards about .0005.  Here the backs of the cross rail are being blued to the vertical ways for scraping purposes.



To the right final assembly is being started.



At the left control linkages are being installed as well as the upper clutch mechanisms.



To the right the cross rail has been installed on the machine.



To the left one boring ram has been assembled on the machine.



At right is the finished machine with customer's operator after test cut.



Finished machine at left.

Farrell Vertical Boring Lathe

16 FT. Morando VBM & Swivel, Rebuilt Right Ram


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