Bullard VTL Rebuild

At left is a 46'' Bullard cross rail as received from the customer.  The turret and boring ram assemblies were shipped separately.  Two days of cleaning were required before disassembly.



To the right is the cross rail after partial disassembly.


At the left can be seen the cross rail being ground on our smaller way grinder.  Tolerances are .0001 per foot for straightness and parallelism. Hand scraping could not begin to achieve this accuracy!


At the right is the finished ground cross rail.  Micarda has been bonded to the mating sides of the saddles to compensate for material removed in way grinding and wear on the saddles.


At the left is a saddle that has just begun to be scraped. Notice the few blues spots on the Micarda.


To the right a saddle is being checked for assembly with the crossfeed screw and splined feed shaft.  The saddles must not only be scrapped to mate with the cross rail , but also be in original geometric alignment with shafts.



At left is the boring ram and ram swivel housing.



To the right is the finished ground boring ram.



At left the turret swivel is being blued relative to the turret ram.


Here the turret ram swivel is being scraped to mate with the turret ram which has just been ground.

  Below left and right are photos of the finished rebuild. Paint job was by the customer.

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