Remanufacture 22" x 108" American Lathe Into Horizontal Boring Mill
American Lathe "Before"
Part to be bored is mounted horizontally on the angle plate. Arbor is then inserted into the modified spindle through the part with the right end in the modified tailstock quill. Bore was within .0002 in 10".
Notice Riser under headstock. Swing of purchased lathe was 4" less than needed which required the addition of a 2"riser block under headstock.
This also meant that the lathe end covers had to have pieces added to them. Special linkage had to be made extending out of gearbox top into headstock for shifting purposes.
To the left is the finished cast iron headstock riser block.
To the right are hardened ways being screwed and glued to the top of the saddle. because of the increased weight of the angle plate .090 was machined off of the saddle and the width of the cross slide was increased to 14".
To the left can be seen the finished hardened and ground ways.
To the right is the new 14" wide cross slide machined from mehanite cast iron.
To the left is the nearly finished angle plate. large bore will be finished on the lathe.
To the right is the finished carriage assembly.
To the left is the pattern we made to cast the 2" riser for the tailstock.
Extensive modifications had to be made to the tailstock as can be seen. We also machined a new base for the tailstock which rides on the two outside "V"- ways instead of the normal inside tailstock ways. The tailstock is automatically driven along the bed ways.
To the left can be seen the rear of the tailstock. The upper black cylinder serves to clamp the tailstock to the bed. The silver cylinder advances and retracts the tailstock quill.
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