Blanchard No. 22-42 Remanufactured with full enclosure & Crane Access

Finished machine
Inside of extended base
End view of extended base showing removable end cover for cleaning swarf from base

Picture shows air intake and exhaust to motor. Since the grinding mist is contained inside the enclosure before being exhausted to outside vent we do not want that air going through the motor. Also note the Gortite bellows way covers protecting the vertical ways.

Our rollers designed to carry the load of the sliding doors.

Finished machine left front view. end cover with handles can be removed to clean swarf from base which falls into container pictured. The double doors provide crane access from above.

Small door access for dressing wheel

Right rear of finished machine.

By opening electrical enclosure and removing two bolts the cabinet any be rotated out of the way for maintenance purposes.
Nearly finished electrical enclosure the large Dura AC inverter provides variable grinding wheel speeds with soft start and brake.
  42" Blanchard No. 18 with long enclosure (doors come from right and left) before external coolant control.  
  42" Blanchard No. 18 with Plexiglas dressing window.  
  42" Blanchard no. 18 "before" remanufacture.  
  42" Blanchard after remanufacture. First No. 18 with both doors nesting one inside the other on right. Shortens machine length.  
  42" Blanchard No. 18 with doors closed  
  42" Blanchard no. 18 before outside coolant control.  
  42" Blanchard No. 18 with Stainless steel door dresser & safety switch.  
  42" Blanchard No. 18 w/ first outside coolant control.  

Current design for 42" Blanchard No. 22 notice bellows air intake & exhaust on top rear of motor.

  Current Design for 42" Blanchard No. 22 with external coolant control.  
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