Brown & Sharpe Micromaster Remanufacture
Column base ways being ground in one set-up to insure parallelism.
Base ways flaked with crescents before scraping & then colored with Prussian blue.
After column bottom ways have been scraped to mate with base ways, column vertical ways are ground all in one set-up.
The spindle housing ways are then scraped to mate with the column vertical ways. Notice the dial indicator clamped to wheel adaptor & swung 360 deg. around to verify perpendicularity to vertical ways.
Beginning of bluing on spindle housing to column vertical ways

The table and base longitudinal ways are both ground on our way grinder & then the table is used as a master to scrape the base ways to mate since it is longer.

Finished machine
Vertical way covers were missing so we fabricated new ones from stainless steel.
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