Blanchard 18-A2 Chuck Rebuild
Pictured to the left we are turning a bronze sleeve to replace the worn section of the magnetic chuck base.
Pictured to the right the worn portion of the chuck base is being turned down to accept the above sleeve.
To the left can be seen the bronze sleeve to be fitted on the center hub of the magnetic chuck base.
To the right the sleeve is being inserted over the previously machined hub. Notice the holes drilled radially into the circumference of the sleeve where the sleeve will be screwed to the center hub in addition to gluing.
To the left the top bearing portion of the magnetic chuck is being turned round
To the right the bronze sleeve is turned to fit the I.D. of the top portion of the magnetic chuck. The bottom surface will also be faced off.
To the left the horizontal bearing surface of the upper magnetic chuck is ready to be blued for scraping. Notice the Prussian blue on the surface plate.
To the right the magnetic chuck is twisted in a rotary motion on the surface plate to transfer the Prussian blue to the bottom of the magnet.
To the left you can see how the Prussian blue transfers after many cycles of the scraping. This will then be used as a master to scrape in the bronze base of the magnetic chuck.
To the right the Prussian blue has transferred from the top of the magnetic chuck to the base which will eventually insure proper bearing contact between the two.
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