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   Gallery Of Machines is a member of the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), an organization which maintains a code of ethics among its members assuring their customers a high degree of integrity, reliability and technical expertise. In the past we have specialized in the sale of used and rebuilt tool room machinery, but more recently have become involved with the rebuilding of customer's machines to new tolerances. These machines are disassembled into their major components, cleaned and inspected. The customer is then informed of any additional work which may be required. At the customer's request, we can strip the machine to bare metal by sandblasting or wire wheeling and provide a factory quality finish in our paint department. All ways are precision ground or hand scraped to better than new tolerances. We have complete machine shop and metal fabrication facilities where we make acme screws and nuts, shafts and bushings, gears, splined shafts, cluster gears with internal splines, and an extensive variety of sheet metal parts. The machines are then re-assembled using new bearings and seals where required and tested under power to meet new machine specifications. All rebuilt machines are guaranteed one year against defects in parts or workmanship supplied by Gallery Of Machines. Spindle bearings and electrical systems are guaranteed 60 days since failure of these components is often beyond our control.

     Gallery Of Machines has been in business over thirty-two years and owns a modern 47,000 square foot building. The owner is Harry Hartman, a Suny Owego graduate with a degree in Industrial Education. We employ 10 people, 8 of whom are involved in the rebuilding process. Four of these employees are competent at hand scraping parts to mate with the ways of castings ground on our way grinders. We commonly hold .0001 per foot on our way grinders and can sometimes achieve .00005 per foot with extra effort. Ground machine components are periodically inspected with our auto-collimator capable of measuring one millionth of an inch in both the horizontal and vertical planes. The accuracy of our way grinders is extremely important since we use the ground components of the machines as masters and scrape the mating parts to fit. In many instances, this is the way it was done at the factory. Many other rebuilders make extensive use of precision straight edges to establish flat and parallel surfaces. This is a problem because straight edges are subject to dimensional changes from sunlight or cold, how they are stored or handled, etc. A rebuilder who is using straight edges in his rebuilding practice is probably losing .00005 per foot before he even starts your work! Equally important is the bearing quality that is established between the ground way and the mating component. This is accomplished by hand scraping which is the most time consuming part of rebuilding a machine tool. Bearing points must be small  and evenly dispersed over the contacting surface or the way oil will be forced into the hollow non-contact areas. As the number of bearing points decreases the pressure per square inch on those remaining increases, further squeezing oil into other areas and promoting metal on metal contact. If this happens machine tool wear is going to be greatly accelerated! For the above reasons it is imperative that you select a machine tool rebuilder that can hold  the closest tolerances!

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